UW-CTRI Scientists & Researchers
Michael Fiore, MD, MPH, MBA, Director Timothy Baker, PhD, Research Director
Brooke Anderson, DNP, RN, Director of Research Administration Jessica Cook, PhD, Director of Veterans Research
Adrienne Johnson, PhD, Researcher Douglas Jorenby, PhD, Director of Clinical Services
Jesse Kaye, PhD, Researcher Julie Kirsch, PhD, Research Fellow
Danielle McCarthy, PhD, Associate Director of Research Marlon Mundt, PhD, Researcher
Maggie Nolan, MD, MS, Physician-Scientist Thomas Piasecki, PhD, Researcher
Megan Piper, PhD, Associate Director of Research Tanya Schlam, PhD, Researcher
Wendy Slutske, PhD, Researcher Stevens Smith, PhD, Director of Biostatistical Operations
Wendy Theobald, PhD, Researcher Brian Williams, MD, Assistant Professor and Hospitalist