Your Northwestern Wisconsin Outreach Contact

Thank you for your interest in treating tobacco use!

Susan Lundsten is the Western Wisconsin Regional Outreach Specialist based in La Crosse.

Lundsten has nearly 20 years of experience working at Gundersen Health, serving as a champion for integrating tobacco treatment into the system’s workflow, including via electronic health records.

Lundsten said she saw tobacco treatment evolve tremendously at Gundersen during her time there as a wellness education specialist. She coordinated trainings, worked with UW-CTRI outreach specialists, and collaborated with UW-CTRI to study the effectiveness of e-referral to tobacco quitlines.

“I’m excited to reach out to health systems,” Lundsten said.

Contact her for free training and technical assistance to help your organization incorporate tobacco treatment and help employees quit smoking.

Susan Lundsten

Susan Lundsten