Kate Kobinsky, MPH: Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line Coordinator

Kate Kobinsky coordinates the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line, a free, individualized counseling service designed to help Wisconsin smokers quit. She also coordinates other UW-CTRI projects, such as the Options study.

“We provide compassionate help to Wisconsin residents who want to become tobacco-free,” Kobinsky said.

Kobinsky leads the Fax to Quit program, which syncs patients with the Quit Line. After a healthcare provider asks a patient about tobacco use and offers assistance, the patient can sign up for Fax to Quit. The Quit Line then calls at a time specified by the patient.

“We know healthcare providers are swamped,” Kobinsky said, “so the Quit Line is here to take pressure off them by providing state-of-the-art coaching on how to quit.” Research shows an intervention by a doctor plus Quit-Line coaching can quadruple the chances a patient will quit.

Kobinsky holds a masters in public health from UW-La Crosse. To read her published research, click here.

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Kate Kobinsky