Vaping Health Effects

Vaping and Smoking

  • Smoking kills half of the people who do it. It can cause serious health effects for people who survive–from amputations to lung disease.
  • Is vaping safer than smoking? A congressionally mandated panel from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine examined more than 800 peer-reviewed scientific studies. In its report, the panel concluded that evidence suggests that, while vaping nicotine is not without health risks (see below), it’s likely less harmful than combustible cigarettes if people only vape and don’t smoke.
  • Researchers found vaping + smoking together may raise long-term risks beyond just smoking. According to research results presented at American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, those who both smoked and vaped appeared four times more likely to develop lung cancer compared with patients who only smoked.
  • Kids shouldn’t start: However, long-term health effects of vaping nicotine are unknown. The CDC has issued warnings about short-term effects. Kids should not start using nicotine.

Research on Vaping

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