CEC-UW Strengths and Limitations

CEC-UW Limitations

  • Data transferCOVID-19 Cases Only: The cohort is limited to individuals diagnosed with COVID-19; thus, we are unable to examine the risk of developing COVID-19 or compare findings of cohort members to individuals without a COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Discrete Data Elements Only: The data pulled is almost exclusively limited to discrete EHR data elements. It typically does not include data from text fields within the EHR.
  • Missing Data: For many EHR data elements (e.g., vaping), a large proportion of patients have no data reported.
  • Harmonizing EHR Data across Health Systems: Merging data from different health systems highlights the idiosyncratic nature of how each system records EHR data, even if on the same EHR platform (e.g., Epic)
  • Patient Data is limited to Health System Where COVID-19 Was Diagnosed: Thus, if patient dies or subsequently receives care at an alternative health system, those events are not captured.

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