COVID Project Timeline



Here’s a look at the overall timeline for the project.

April to June 2020: Project Prep and Start

  • Solicited, secured participation, and obtained input from 21 sites, refining project parameters
  • Obtained IRB approval at UW as an exempt project
  • All data are HIPAA-compliant and de-identified (per HIPAA requirements) with a unique identifier
  • Unique identifier allows for tracking of additional treatments after the initial COVID diagnosis
  • Completed data-transfer agreements with all 21 sites
  • Contracted with BlueTree to consult on use of electronic health records
  • Identified data elements of interest (195 elements)
  • Defined a COVID case as PCR+ and/or ICD-10 Code + and/or Antibody+

July to September 2020: Initiate Data Extraction

  • Assisted sites with EHR coding
  • Completed first monthly data transfer from 21 sites (data from February 1 – June 30, 2020)
  • Corrected and refined EHR code across the 21 sites
  • Aided each site with their unique EHR data challenges (ongoing)
  • Merged data across 21 sites; tested the merged file for data analysis for the first time

October to December 2020: Analyze Initial Findings

  • Merged February – October 2020 data from 21 sites to review data integrity and quality
  • Invited co-investigators to submit research ideas
  • Continued refinement and optimization of EHR code

2021 (Planned)

  • Complete analyses of data from 21 sites (February – December 2020)
  • Submit first manuscripts
  • Finalize data dictionary

CEC-UW Essentials

370,000 COVID patients

21 health systems

Harmonized EHR Data