The Bucket Approach

Bucket Approach

A Tailored Approach to Tobacco Treatment for Behavioral Health Populations

We understand you’re overwhelmed, time is precious, and clients vary in confidence and readiness to quit.

However, behavioral health patients are more likely to die from smoking than any other comorbidity.

The Bucket Approach is an evidence-based strategy you can use to treat tobacco use among clients without taking too much of your time. The idea is that patients with severe mental illness, who smoke at higher rates than the general public and struggle more to quit, can be sorted by inclination to quit into “buckets” as a way to best empower them to quit, as shown here:

The bucket approach helps providers sort patients by inclination to quit into so-called "buckets" as a way to best empower them to quit smoking
All interventions are tailored to smokers who are affected by mental illness and/or other addictions. The Bucket Approach Training is a FREE online training that includes free CE credit.

To access the FREE online Bucket Approach Training, click here

Beacon House Shines with the Bucket ApproachGood news! More than 1,300 of your peers have learned from the Bucket Approach to treat tobacco use (in a reasonable amount of time), and clients are quitting.

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