UW-CTRI Continues to Foster DHS 75 Implementation for Tobacco Treatment

DHS 75UW-CTRI Researcher Dr. Jesse Kaye is presenting on the neuroscience of nicotine addiction and tobacco treatment among people with Substance Use Disorders (SUD).

“We are providing education for DHS 75 residential SUD providers in Wisconsin,” Kaye said. Next month, he’ll offer the same presentation for DHS 75 outpatient providers. “Allie Gorrilla and I are also giving a training to DHS 75 providers about tobacco use and treatment for people in the justice system. People with SUD and those involved in the criminal justice system experience many health disparities – and tobacco use and treatment is no exception. As part of a DHS contract that Karen Conner leads, UW-CTRI is working to reduce tobacco-related health inequities for these populations.”

Thanks to funding from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Wisconsin Commercial Tobacco Prevention and Treatment Program and Division of Care and Treatment Services, UW-CTRI has provided training and technical assistance for about a year to public health professionals across the state to help patients with substance use disorders quit smoking, in support of new state requirements in the revised Wisconsin Administrative Code DHS Chapter 75.

Specifically, Section 75.23: Service Levels of Care includes added language that strengthens standards regarding tobacco treatment and smoke-free facilities. For more, click here.