UW-CTRI Ranks 9th Worldwide in Total Tobacco Publications

UW-CTRI staff gather to celebrate the 30th anniversary
UW-CTRI staff celebrated 30 years of helping people quit tobacco use.

The University of Wisconsin published the ninth-most smoking cessation-related publications in the world since 2002, according to a paper in Preventive Medicine Reports.

The authors, led by Yingxin Xu of China Medical University, reviewed 8797 publications worldwide on smoking cessation between 2002 and 2021. They reported the number of publications on smoking cessation increased from 190 in 2002 to 598 in 2021.

Dr. Tim Baker
UW-CTRI Research Director Dr. Tim Baker

Out of all the publications from 115 countries/regions, UW-CTRI published 159 papers in that span, cited 7760 times. To access a sortable list of all UW-CTRI publications, click here.

UW-CTRI Associate Director Dr. Tim Baker published the third-most papers, 83, in the last two decades, and was cited the fourth-most in the world.

“This is what happens when you publish for 40 years and cite nothing but your own work!,” Baker joked.

“Many of Dr. Baker’s trainees were noted in the article, illustrating his impact on the field through his mentorship as well as his scientific contributions,” said UW-CTRI Co-Research Director Dr. Megan Piper, who was seventh with 69 papers published. “I think it speaks to the impact of our collective work at UW-CTRI on the field.”

UW-CTRI Director Dr. Michael Fiore was seventeenth with 56 publications.

“This achievement reflects the work of everyone at the Center,” said Fiore, “especially the front line staff—Holly Prince, Meg Feyen, the health counselors, research admin staff, and the tobacco care managers at the health systems with whom we partner. It reflects the Outreach team who build relationships with health systems across our state. It reflects our finance, IT and communications colleagues who support the research studies. We should all be proud of this world-class level of productivity.”

This year, UW-CTRI celebrated 30 years of conducting research and turning it into healthcare practice to help people quit tobacco use. UW-CTRI has published nearly 600 papers and helped more than 300,000 patients in that time. To access a sortable list of all UW-CTRI publications, click here.

Among all institutions in the world, University College of London published the most tobacco-related papers in the last two decades, with 310 papers, garnering 10,069 citations. Harvard had the fourth-most papers but the most citations, at 10,226.

Xu Y, Gu Z, Zhang Y, He M, Gerber BS, Sadasivam RS, Liu F, Wang Z. Global Trends in Smoking Cessation Research from 2002 to 2021: A Bibliometric and Visual Analysis. Preventive Medicine Reports.