Adsit Serves on Faculty at CDC’s Summer Tobacco-Control Academy

Rob Adsit, MEd

UW-CTRI Outreach Director Rob Adsit is serving on the faculty this week in Atlanta for the CDC’s 2017 Tobacco Control Action-Planning Academy. Adsit is one of three instructors teaching the Comprehensive Cessation Interventions Knowledge Building Course, which includes health-systems change and transformation.

Adsit is teaching with Catherine Saucedo, Deputy Director of the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center and Gillian Schauer, Senior Policy Fellow at CDC Foundation.

The academy is designed for state tobacco-control program staff and their non-government partners. Adsit said the goal of the course is to help attendees to:

  • Use the “three buckets of prevention” framework and the CDC’s cessation best practices to help transform health systems in each state.
  • Identify key drivers, barriers and leverage points for aligning tobacco-control program agendas with those of key players in health-systems transformation, including state Medicaid agencies, commercial payers, and large hospital/clinic systems.
  • Communicate the business case for health-systems change and cessation coverage to employers, purchasers and insurers using state-specific data and evaluation.
  • Address issues unique to behavioral health and other vulnerable populations when planning for systems change and systems transformation.

“I was honored to be invited to be a faculty member,” Adsit said, “and to share with the Academy participants our work in Wisconsin on health-systems change.”