Lois Smith Stays Active, Quits Smoking

Lois Smith and two others

Lois Smith (above center, with her quit coaches), a former smoker from Rio, quit smoking years ago with the help of the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.

“I thought the Quit Line was really beneficial,” she says. “The counselors really helped me. They have a lot of great things to tell you about quitting.”

For Lois, the most helpful tips were to stay active. “I like to paint ceramics, and it helped me to stay busy with my hands. I hadn’t done that in so many years because I was too busy smoking.” She also started walking to take her mind off cigarettes.Like many people making a quit attempt, Lois had many doubts that she could do it. She’d wake up at night with strong urges, but told herself she simply wasn’t going to smoke anymore.

“If I had an urge during the day, I’d call a counselor,” she says. Lois still chews gum and has a pen handy when she watches TV. If she feels an urge, she’ll move the pen in her hand.

Lois says she’s glad she quit because she smells better and has saved a lot of money. More importantly, her success has led directly to her daughter, niece and nephew quitting.

“It makes me feel good,” Lois says.

Call the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line at 800-QUIT NOW (800-784-8669) today to set your quit date!