UW-CTRI’s Dr. Jess Cook Earns Tenure

UW-CTRI’s Dr. Jess Cook Earns Tenure

UW-CTRI researcher Dr. Jess Cook has been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure. The appointment will be effective July 1.

Cook first joined UW-CTRI in 2008 as an assistant professor. She is also a clinical psychologist at the William S. Middleton Memorial VA, where she treats veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.

“When I joined UW-CTRI, I knew I was fortunate to be joining a top-notch group of tobacco scientists who were dedicated to reducing tobacco use and its harms,” she said.  “All of my colleagues at UW-CTRI have been an incredible source of support along the way, and I owe so much of my success to them.”

Cook noted that she is particularly grateful for the support and mentorship she has received for Drs. Michael Fiore and Tim Baker.

“I’m so grateful to Mike and Tim for their incredible support since I joined CTRI in 2008,” Cook said. “I feel very privileged to work at UW-CTRI and to be a faculty member in the Department of Medicine.”

Following receiving her promotion, Cook plans to continue focusing on her career-long goal of helping people quit smoking.

“My goal is to help people break their addiction to nicotine,” Cook said. “Throughout my career I’ve been focused on that one mission, and that won’t change with my new position.”