Alan Boyer

Alan Boyer is the new IT Support Technician working at the Madison office. Boyer assists UW-CTRI Director of Information Technology Jonah Stankovsky with the delivery of routine IT support services to Center staff.

Boyer last worked at the Department of Transportation and enjoyed public service. “It means more when the end product is something for everyone,” Boyer said.

“I looked really hard for a job with the state. UW-CTRI seemed to really pursue me and want my help, and the cause of the Center is excellent.”

Boyer said his uncle and grandfather smoked. His grandfather thankfully quit. But his uncle recently died of cancer. He has several friends who started smoking in high school—and it has had deleterious effects on their relationships, ability to find apartments, and their health. He’s very glad he didn’t start smoking.

“I didn’t want to be cool that badly,” he said.

He’s happy to assist UW-CTRI with helping people quit smoking by offering his experience as a customer-facing IT professional. His responsibilities will also include integrating new equipment with the secure network, performing upgrades and updates of operating systems and application software, and decommissioning dated equipment.

In his free time, the Milwaukee native enjoys video games, board games, and game theory. “If my apartment exploded, two thirds of the insurance would be for game theory books,” Boyer said. “I have an extensive collection.”

Alan Boyer
Alan Boyer