Wisconsin Tobacco Survey Results: Action Papers

Insights: Results of the Latest Wisconsin Tobacco Survey
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Action Paper #4: Secondhand Smoke: Awareness, Attitudes and Exposure Among Wisconsin Residents paper, Mon., Dec. 19, 2005; news release

Action Paper #3: Alcohol, Depression and Smoking paper, Sept. 14, 2005; news release

Action Paper #2: Barriers to Quitting paper, March 3, 2005; news release

Action Paper #1: How Smokers Quit paper, Nov. 30, 2004; news release

These “action papers” are based on the latest Wisconsin Tobacco Survey and contain the most current, comprehensive data available on Wisconsin smokers.

They are designed to shed light on smoking in Wisconsin and provide recommendations for reducing the burden of disease and death caused by tobacco use. The action papers are based on the 2003 Wisconsin Tobacco Survey of more than 8,000 Wisconsin residents. The first paper, “How Wisconsin Smokers Quit,” was published in November, 2004.

2003 Action Papers