Experts Discuss Tobacco Use Issues on Wisconsin Public Radio

Dr. Danielle McCarthy
Dr. Danielle McCarthy

Wisconsin Public Radio Morning Show Host Kate Archer Kent spoke with two state tobacco experts about a proposal in the state legislature to allow patrons to smoke cigars or cigarillos in new establishments that meet criteria for the percentage of sales from those products.

Ms. Lorraine Lathen
Ms. Lorraine Lathen, WAATPN Director

Kent spoke with UW-CTRI Director of Research Dr. Danielle McCarthy about the potential health effects of such a move, as well as general health effects of tobacco products.

She asked Wisconsin African American Tobacco Prevention Network Director Lorraine Lathen about her viewpoints on the legislation, as well as how her group is partnering to foster public health in the Milwaukee area.

Lathen and McCarthy suggested various ways listeners could access resources to help them quit smoking, including the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.

To listen to the recording, click here.