UW-CTRI Outreach Specialist Speaks on National Webinar

Allie Gorrilla
UW-CTRI Outreach Specialist Allie Gorrilla speaks on a national webinar about tobacco dependence among individuals in the justice system.

UW-CTRI Outreach Specialist Allie Gorrilla was a featured speaker on a national webinar, Access to Tobacco Treatment for the Justice-Involved: A Call to Action.

Gorrilla and her outreach colleagues are working hard to help this group avoid the harms of tobacco use.

People in the justice system are much more likely to have behavioral health issues, and they face social justice issues related to finances, racism, health care access and more, Gorrilla said. And, tobacco companies tend to target their communities. More than 500 people registered for the webinar and 349 logged in to watch it.

To view the slides or recording, click here.