Can You Guess the #1 Threat to Behavioral Health Patients?

Welcome to the site dedicated to helping providers with behavioral health patients to treat tobacco use. Here, you’ll find everything you’ll need to help your behavioral patients quit smoking, chewing, or vaping tobacco. It’s all part of the Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project (WiNTiP).

  • More behavioral health patients will die from tobacco use than from their behavioral health issues–and they’ll die from tobacco sooner. It’s time to take action
  • Explore A Time to Lead, the most compelling case for integrating tobacco treatment in our behavioral health programs, presented by some of America’s leading tobacco addiction and mental health leaders.

“I challenge all deliveries of care: CSPs, residential, private psychotherapy, and those programs who treat the most vulnerable, who may want to focus on other issues, to think about how they can address tobacco and to adopt a zero-tolerance policy.” ~William Fry, Director, Columbia St. Mary’s Behavioral Health

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