Smoking and Psychopathology: Mechanisms and Treatments

Dr. Jessica Cook, presentation, Smoking and Psychopathology: Mechanisms and Treatments. For both those with PTSD and those in the control group, smoking a cigarette with or without nicotine reduced the negative emotional response to the stressor. Also, consistent findings across diagnostic groups suggest that smoking motivational processes, at least with regard to emotional modulation, may be similar for smokers with and without certain mental illnesses.

Dr. Stevens Smith, presentation, The Effects of the Nicotine Patch, Varenicline, and Combination NRT on Long-Term Abstinence: A Comparative Efficacy Trial and poster, The Effects of Cigarette Reduction in Smokers and E-Cigarette Users Who Also Smoke Cigarettes (Dual Users). Research shows three medications combined with coaching to quit smoking—a pill called varenicline (Chantix), the nicotine patch alone, and a combination of nicotine-replacement medications—helped about the same percentage of participants to quit smoking.