Dr. Tanya Schlam

Tanya Schlam, PhD, is currently a Primary Care Research Fellow supported by a T32 Postdoctoral Training Grant.

Dr. Schlam earned her bachelor’s degree from Yale University and her PhD in clinical psychology from Rutgers. She completed her predoctoral clinical internship in the University of Wisconsin Department of Psychiatry, including an elective rotation at UW-CTRI.

Dr. Schlam’s research focuses on health-behavior change (primarily smoking cessation). She is interested in developing interventions to help people acquire behavioral and cognitive control skills to optimize health outcomes in the face of environmental, interpersonal, and psychological challenges.

Representative publications:

  • Schlam, T. R., & Baker, T. B. (2013). Interventions for Tobacco Smoking. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology. 9, 675-702.
  • Schlam, T. R., Wilson, N. L., Shoda, Y., Mischel, W., & Ayduk, O. (2013). Preschoolers’ Delay of Gratification Predicts Their Body Mass 30 Years Later. The Journal of Pediatrics, 162, 90-93.
  • Schlam, T. R., Piper, M. E., Cook, J. W., Fiore, M. C., & Baker, T. B. (2012). Life 1 Year After a Quit Attempt: Real-Time Reports of Quitters and Continuing Smokers. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 44, 309-19.

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Dr. Tanya Schlam