Behavioral Health and Quitting Smoking

This site is dedicated to helping behavioral healthcare providers assist their clients with quitting smoking, chewing or vaping tobacco.
The site is also dedicated to helping mental health and addiction recovery organizations establish tobacco-free policies at their facilities.

The Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project (WiNTiP)

The Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project (WiNTiP) was launched in 2008. WiNTiP advocates for the integration of tobacco treatment in Wisconsin behavioral health services.

  • The WiNTiP Decade: What the Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project (WiNTiP) has accomplished since 2008, and what challenges remain to help behavioral health patients quit smoking, chewing, and vaping.
  • Webinar by Tony Klein, MPA, NCACII, Manager of Outpatient Services, Rochester Regional Health, Brighton, NY:
  • A TIME TO LEAD – Second Edition: The Case for Integrating the Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder in the Treatment of Other Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.
    • The purpose of this document is to bring to light the urgent need to integrate evidence-based treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder (TUD)1 into the protocols for treating substance use and mental health disorders in the United States.