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Welcome to the C3I Tobacco Treatment Implementation Roadmap for Cancer and Other Patients. This resource was developed by the Cancer Center Cessation Initiative (C3I), funded by the National Cancer Institute. The national C3I program is designed to help patients with cancer quit using tobacco. The organization of the Roadmap was adapted from the Goodrich et al., 2020 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Roadmap, and its content reflects lessons learned during the C3I effort to incorporate tobacco treatment as a pillar of cancer care, and of healthcare more broadly, and highlights other existing resources and toolkits.

This Roadmap is designed for diverse settings, including community health centers, and serves as a starting point to guide the integration of tobacco treatment in clinical care.

Objective: Provide practical guidance, examples, and resources for tobacco treatment program design, including electronic health record (EHR) tools, which  can be adapted to fit the particular needs and contexts of diverse clinical settings to deliver evidence-based tobacco treatment to patients who use tobacco.

Audience: Cancer clinic or health system teams and champions who want to connect their patients who use tobacco with tobacco treatment.

Roadmap Modules:

  1. Pre-implementation strategies to help champions and teams design a tobacco treatment program for their clinical settings. This module offers high-level considerations for tobacco treatment program design; strategies to engage interested parties; screening and treatment tools and workflows; and illustrative case studies.
  2. Implementation strategies to foster translation of program design into a functional program to help patients quit using tobacco. This module helps teams successfully launch and adapt their tobacco treatment programs with guidance to design a launch process, identify necessary resources, determine team roles, and monitor progress.
  3. Sustainability strategies to sustain the tobacco treatment program through ongoing support, monitoring, and refinement.
  4. Health equity considerations in program design and implementation. This module highlights tools and strategies that may help all patients benefit from tobacco treatment.


  • Case studies
  • Samples and EHR screenshots
  • External toolkits
  • Billing guidance
  • Team building and engagement resources



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Chart Your Course

The Roadmap is just that—a guide outlining possible routes to implementing tobacco treatment programs in clinical care settings.

This tool provides adaptable guidance and resources to help you determine where you want to go and start you on your journey.

There are multiple paths available; it is up to you to chart a course to fit the particular needs and context of your health system and patient communities.