Javon Albright

Javon Albright, team member at Advocate Aurora Health in Milwaukee, will be collaborating with UW-CTRI as a care manager for patients, as part of the new NCI-funded Center Grant called Breaking Addiction to Tobacco for Health 2 (BREATHE 2). Aurora, UW Health and UW-CTRI are partnering on the grant.

For the first project of BREATHE 2, called “Cessation,” Albright will be a first point of contact for Aurora patients interested in participating in the study and quitting smoking. He’ll also be the care manager to help them throughout their journey, and to ease the time burden of other healthcare staff at Advocate Aurora.

For BREATHE 2 Project 2, known as “Reach,” Albright will offer guidance to participants and check in to see how they are doing. (For more on BREATHE 2, watch for a full announcement later this year.)

Albright previously worked in Diversity and Inclusion at Advocate Aurora Health as a project coordinator, identifying gaps in care for at-risk communities and helping to close those gaps to improve care.

He has a personal connection to smoking cessation. “When I was 10, my uncle would go smoke multiple packs per day,” Albright said. “One day, I asked my mother why I couldn’t go by my uncle, and she said she didn’t want me to have the smell of smoke on my clothes because it’s not healthy. So that was my first introduction to smoking. Later, I also learned about the dangers of smoking in school.”

It was then, at age 12, that Albright conducted his first smoking-cessation intervention—with his uncle. “Through that conversation, after that, I didn’t see him smoke.”

A Milwaukee native, Albright graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in health care administration, where he created Professional Development Days—an opportunity for fellow students to practice job interview skills, bolster resumes, and practice elevator pitches. Albright has a minor in business management and a certificate in health informatics.

Javon Albright
Javon Albright