by Madeline Oguss

Piper ME, Schlam TR, Fraser D, Oguss M, Cook JW. Implementing Factorial Experiments in Real-World Settings: Lessons Learned While Engineering an Optimized Smoking Cessation Treatment (Chapter). Optimization of behavioral, biobehavioral, and biomedical interventions: advanced topics (Book). pp. 23-45 2018.

Piper ME, Baker TB, Mermelstein R, Collins LM., Fraser D, Jorenby D E, Smith SS, Christiansen BA, Schlam TR, Cook JW, Oguss M, Fiore MC. Recruiting and Engaging Smokers in Treatment in a Primary Care Setting: Developing a Chronic Care Model Implemented Through a Modified Electronic Health Record. Translational Behavioral Medicine. [Full Text]

Madeline Oguss