Access to Medications to Quit Smoking

Teen in hoodie smilingThe United States government has directed all insurers that provide coverage via the Health Insurance Marketplace to cover evidence-based treatments to help patients to quit tobacco use. Visit

  • There is no “magic pill” to quit smoking. But medications can help.
  • Medication and coaching can improve your chances of quitting.
  • Medicaid, Medicare, BadgerCarePlus or SeniorCare insurance plans cover some medications to help you quit.
  • Other resources listed below may also help.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

  • The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is free. It helps people with no insurance or not enough insurance. It can help you access medicines for free or nearly free.
  • Visit Complete the questions to see if you are eligible for this help.
  • Your healthcare provider can also log on to to help you. Your doctor would need to sign your form and add prescription info. They can mail or fax this for you.
Pfizer Patient Assistance Program
  • Pfizer RxPathways is a resource that connects eligible patients to helpful programs. This includes help with insurance, co-pays, and medicines.
  • Medications such as Varenicline, Nicotrol Inhaler and Nasal Spray may be offered at a discount or in some cases, free.
  • Patients who participate in any federal or state programs, such as Medicaid or Medicare, are not eligible for co-pay assistance. However, these patients may be eligible to receive their medicine for free through the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program. (Terms and conditions apply.)
  • To get started, either see your doctor, or call 866-706-2400 toll free, or visit

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line

  • The Quit Line is a free service. It helps Wisconsin residents age 13 and older quit smoking, vaping or other tobacco use.
  • Free coaching, medication, and access to a Web Coach are available through the Quit Line.
  • Wisconsin residents age 18 and older may receive free medication to help quit tobacco use. This is regardless of insurance coverage or income.
  • To get started: