Fax to Quit Q&A

What is Fax to Quit?

Fax to Quit is a program that builds on the services of the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line by creating partnerships with healthcare providers. Through Fax to Quit, smokers and chewers no longer have to take the first step by calling the Quit Line; instead, after talking with their clinician, they agree to have the Quit Line call them.

How Does it Work?

Individual smokers and chewers sign a Fax-to-Quit-enrollment form during a face-to-face intervention at a doctor’s office, hospital, dentist’s office, clinic or agency site. The form is faxed to the Quit Line. Within three days, a quit coach makes the initial call to the tobacco user to begin the intervention.

Why is it Beneficial?

  • Seizing the Moment. Fax to Quit connects tobacco users with the Quit Line right from the doctor’s office. Since the Quit Line initiates the first call, the onus is not on the smoker to begin services. This raises the chances people will actually quit.
  • It Saves Time. Many doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers don’t have time to offer comprehensive tobacco treatment. Fax to Quit allows them to refer tobacco users to the Quit Line for extensive coaching based on years of scientific research.
  • Not Lost in Translation. The smoker or chewer can identify his or her primary language on the enrollment form and a Quit Line translator will be on the line when the quit coach places the call. Quit Line services are available in virtually any language.

What is the Reach of the Program?

There are more than 400 Fax to Quit clinic sites throughout Wisconsin helping thousands of tobacco users to quit.

What is the History of the Program?

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line was founded in 2001 and Fax to Quit began in March of 2003. The Quit Line is managed by the University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention – a program of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. It is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as well as other grants. Quit Line coaching services are provided by Optum, whose trained telephone counselors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and many have master’s degrees.

More Information

Call UW-CTRI for more information at (608) 262-8673.