Wisconsin Smokers' Health Study 2

The Wisconsin Smokers’ Health Study 2 (WSHS 2) is a research study designed to help you quit smoking, to learn about your health and to help us better understand tobacco dependence and its treatment. The five-year, $10 million study is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

WSHS 2 essentially extends the original Wisconsin Smokers’ Health Study. It includes potentially life-saving tests—including artery scans that can signal impending risk of a stroke or heart attack—free of charge. Participants get free coaching and medications to help them quit smoking.

The Wisconsin Smokers' Health Study 2 has completed enrollment. This summer, WSHS 2 staff will handle several final (Year 3) visits where patients will go through smoking questionnaires, composite international diagnostic interviews (CIDIs), blood tests, ultrasounds, exercise stress tests, carbon monoxide and PFT tests, and Cotinine urine tests.

UW-CTRI lead researchers are busy finalizing the WSHS 3 grant to be submitted this summer. If funded, this study would recruit a new group of participants.