UW-PASS: UW Partnership to Assist & Serve Smokers

A $9 million P-50 grant from the National Cancer Institute provided five years of funding for UW-CTRI to study various quit-smoking treatments in primary-care clinics throughout Wisconsin. In this study, led by Dr. Michael Fiore and Dr. Tim Baker, UW-CTRI delivered seamless, cutting-edge treatments for all smokers, including those who were ready to quit and those who weren’t.

Beginning in the summer of 2010, UW-CTRI offered participation to patients who smoked and visited select primary-care clinics within two health-care systems—Dean Health System and Aurora Health Care. Medical assistants at partnering clinics identified smokers and asked if they were interested in being contacted about a study. They invited all smokers whether they were willing to quit or not. If the patient was interested, an e-mail was generated from the electronic medical record to UW-PASS staff, employed by UW-CTRI, who conducted screening, orientation, patient visits and follow up. The electronic medical records were supported by Epic Systems Corp. and Cerner. All participants have completed treatment.

Researchers have examined a menu of intervention options and developed an optimal treatment package that a clinic can match to virtually any individual smoker who walks through the door. 

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