What to Expect When I Call

When you call the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line, you’ll speak with a Quit Line coach who will help you develop a plan that's right for you. They’ll ask you several questions, such as how much you smoke or chew, what motivates you to quit and when you want to quit. Research shows it’s often helpful to set a quit date a few days or weeks in the future, rather than trying to do so right away. This will allow you the time to fully prepare for quitting.

Your Quit Line coach will:

·         Help you prepare to quit smoking.

·         Set a quit date.

·         Tailor the service to your needs. For details, click here.


Quit Line coaches also provide:

·         Tips on how to quit.

·         Medications to help smokers quit.

·         Information on other resources to help you quit using tobacco products.

·         A passcode to access Web forums with peers and quit coaches.


Our Quit Line coaches have extensive training in telephone coaching. Many are former smokers who know what it's like to quit tobacco use. All have college degrees in health education or psychology. Many have master’s degrees in these fields.


Call 800-784-8669 to get started, or click on the Click to Call button in the upper-right corner of this screen to have a coach call you. When you're ready to quit, we're ready to help.