Quit Tobacco Series Fact Sheet #9: Smokeless Tobacco

Chewing Tobacco Statistics

  • Chew tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
  • Nationally, an estimated three percent of adults – 8.7 million – chew tobacco. Chew-tobacco use is much more common among men (6%) than women (0.4%). (2007 SAMHSA)
  • In Wisconsin, 14% of high school students have ever used smokeless tobacco
    (Male=21.1%, Female=7.8%).
    (2012 Youth Tobacco Survey)
  • In Wisconsin, 6% of high school students currently use smokeless tobacco (Male=10%, Female=1.6%).

 Good Reasons to Quit

  • Brighter smile. Healthier teeth and gums.
  • Save money. At $3-$9 per tin, that’s thousands of dollars a year!
  • Reducing cancer risk. Chewing tobacco contains 28 cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Reducing risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

 Tips to Help People Quit Chewing Tobacco

  • Quitting is hard but you CAN do it!
  • Ask family, friends or co-workers for support.
  • Call the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line for free coaching and materials:
    800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
  • Get rid of all tobacco and related products in the home, car and workplace.
  • Replace the tin or pouch of tobacco with pretzels, carrots or gum.
  • Log on to www.ChewFree.com.
  • See page 2 for a personalized quit plan.

Sources: CDC, SAMHSA, Wisconsin DHFS 

My Personal Quit Plan

1. I’ll be ready.

·          I’ll set a quit date and stick to it - not even a single dip!

                                           * My quit date is: 

·          I’ll get rid of all tobacco so I’m not tempted.

·          I’ll get free help by calling the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.

*  1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669).

*  I’ll call them on this date:

·          I’ll ask these people to support me:

                          * I’ll talk to my doctor.

                          * I'll ask this friend:

                          * I'll ask this relative:

    2. I’ll feel urges, but I have a plan.

·          I’ll take a deep breath. I’ll tell myself this urge will pass.

·          I’ll drink water instead of using tobacco.

·          I’ll chew gum, seeds, or straws.

    3. This time, I’m not going back. I know the pitfalls.

·          I’ll avoid alcohol.

·          I’ll avoid people who chew or smoke.

·          I’ll eat right and stay active.