Dr. Danielle McCarthy Returns to UW-CTRI as Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Danielle McCarthy has joined UW-CTRI as an Associate Professor of Medicine. She serves as an Associate Director of Research at UW-CTRI along with Associate Director of Research Dr. Megan Piper. McCarthy splits her time between developing her own tobacco-control research program and assisting with ongoing UW-CTRI research projects and manuscripts.

McCarthy comes to UW-CTRI after 8 distinguished years at Rutgers University. She completed her doctoral work at UW, working at UW-CTRI under the tutelage of UW-CTRI Director of Research Dr. Tim Baker.

"(UW-CTRI Director Dr. Michael Fiore) and I feel so fortunate that Danielle has agreed to return to UW-CTRI," Baker said, "not only because of her truly impressive scientific and intellectual strengths, but also because of who she is as person--witty, creative, principled, kind, dedicated, generous, and, most of all, caring."